Thursday, February 9, 2012

Week 7: still healing

1/30/12: 2 miles
       Foot/ankle still not were it needs to be to do any serious running, but I managed to run 2 miles on the treadmill before a chest and arms weight training secession.

1/31/12: 2 miles
       Still playing it safe another 2 miles on the treadmill before a back and shoulders weight lifting secession.

2/2/12: 2miles
      Repeat of Monday (1/30)

2/3/12: 5 Miles
      Finally out of the gym and on the trails. Returned to the scene of the injury Syringa trail and ran 5 miles with Vern. I could feel the ankle with every step, it was a mild burning sensation and depending on what angle my foot hit the ground the burning could get pretty bad. But I was just thankful to be running trails again, getting outside was worth the pain.

2/4/12: 2 miles
      Basically a repeat of Tuesday (1/31) wanted to get out and run but the timing just never happened.

Total Miles: 13

Still over coming the injury to my foot/ankle, but the last few days of the week I saw a lot of improvement. The open wound on the back of my ankle is getting smaller and smaller. I just get a burning sensation whenever something rubs against it (eg. shoe) but the pain is becoming less and less every day. Hoping to just be able to jump right back into my training next week. I think that its a really good possibility that I can.

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