Saturday, February 4, 2012

WEEK SIX: Dealing with the Injury

1/23/12: OFF
       The ankle is really bothering me I can barley walk with a shoe on, but am able to walk fine without a shoe. Went to the gym and did some cycling on a stationary bike without a shoe on and then lifted shoeless for an hour.

1/24/12: 3 miles
       Tried to ascend Mickinnick with Vern today but it didn't go as planned. It started out ok, well at least for the first 200 yards then the foot started hurting do to my shoe rubbing against my ankle but I was going to press on. After a mile up the trail I was in pretty bad shape, the pain in my left foot as made me compensate with my right leg which was killing my right calf since it was doing all the work up the steep sections. I ended up calling it enough at about 1.5 miles up the trail, I could have pushed it to the top but thought it a wiser decision to play it smart and let my ankle heal some more. So I hobbled down the trail to my car as Vern continued up the trail.

1/25/12: Weight training
       I've decided to give the ankle some time to heal so I spent a hour and a half cycling, lifting weights, and using the stair-master all with out shoes. I might not be able to run but still trying to get some cardio in. When I lift I keep the reps high (10-20) and the rest periods low (30-45sec).

1/27/12: At the Gym
       I ran in my socks on the tread mile for 10min then lifted on my legs for and hour. I followed that with 20min on the stair-master.

1/28/12: At the gym
       Ran in socks for 10min then spent 30min on the stair-master and then 30min on the bike.

It was an interesting week the injury to my ankle is slowly getting better but the slow progress is frustrating. I did lift on my legs for the first time this week since starting my ultra training and they are a little sore now, but its a good sore. I'm thinking that I'll be able to start running again next week some time but I'm guessing it will be later in the week. Hopefully I will be able to get back up to seed in my training fast and not loose to much ground. I'll have to tweak my training regiment for the next few weeks but I feel confident that I'll get back on track soon.

Pictures are of sections of the Mickinnick Trail the one day I made it outside these week

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