Saturday, June 23, 2012

Weekly summary: 6/18 - 6/23/12

Monday: 5 miles
Ran at syringa great morning good to be back at it again though still i am not planning on doing a ton of milage this week.

Tuesday: 5 miles
another morning at syringa

Wednesday: 5 miles
Am starting to sound like a broken record but did another 5 miles at syringa. The trail is just beautiful right now and enjoying running again.

Thursday: 2miles
This was a great outing with the family. We went up the Gold Mountain Trail about a mile then came back down. the Kids absolutely love hiking and running up and down the trail as Katie and I hike with Kalea. The three oldest kids probably ran over two miles with all the back and forth the did. There favorite part is running down hill and there pretty fast to boot. They are getting much better on running uphill too, its amazing how much their running abilities have improved this spring. To them running is fun and they laugh and have a good time,  just the way it should be.

Friday: 7 miles
Went up to the top of Mickinnick for the first time in probably a month. The Last time I was to the top there was at least a foot of snow this time it was completely clear. It was an early morning for me (I had an early sift at work) I woke up at 4am and was out the door by 4:30am. It was just light enough on the trail that I didn't need a headlamp. Ascending the first 1.5 miles or so I felt really slow and tired (I was up with kids most of the night) then I finally started to wake up and did ok the rest of the way up. The trail is as rocky as ever but the wild flowers are in full bloom. I saw Nootka Rose, Silky Lupine, Fairy Slipper and many others, plus all the foliage is so green and lush right now (I guess all the rain we have been getting has been good for somethings). Then there was a majestic sunrise, it was totally worth the price of admission (sleep deprivation and ascending 2100' in 3.5 miles). Coming down was fun but frustrating, Fun because of because running fast downhill is very exciting, frustrating due to all the loose rocks the size of softballs which I almost rolled my ankles on multiple times. It was a great to run Mickinnick again and I plan on running it a lot as I prepare for Angels Staircase. 

Week totals: 24 miles

Not a ton of mileage but better then nothing. Next week I'm going to try to get more miles in and altitude with means Mickinnick though I am going to try a few new trails in the upcoming weeks to see if I can get more vert in. 

Sunrise coming over the Cabinet Mountain range

Panorama from the top of Mickinnick

Running with the Kids on Gold Hill

Ty has so much fun running on the trails look at that smile while  running down the trail

Matthias as he run by

Kalea and me at the first overlook on the Gold Mountain trail 

Katie Hiking up the trail with Kalea 

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