Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekly Recap: 6/25-6/30/12

I'm about a week behind on the blog, so this will be a quick recap of 6/25-6/30/12.

I didn't get a ton of miles in this week probably around 30 or so but I managed a 10 miler with Vern the "ninja warrior"(see picture below) on Mickinnick which was great and then did some speed work out at Syringa. At Syringa I did the 5.1 mile loop 4 time this week with times ranging between 43-45 min. The cool thing about that is after talking to a couple of local mountain bikers I found out that I can run the loop faster then most people can bike it. Also this week I did some trail running with the kids out at the Mineral Point trail. Matthias just goes and goes and would often get way ahead of Kaiya and Tytus and I would have to run him down to get him to stop and wait for the rest of us. Katie hiked behind us with Kalea, it was a great outing, I love going out with the family and I'm glad Katie and the kids love being in the woods too.     

Ninja warrior Vern

Lake Pend Oreille looking towards Hope
Kids enjoying a break from running to look at the lake

Matthias  "the stoic one"



Katie and Kalea

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  1. You make me want to be back home in the mountains! I cant wait to come see the lake again!! You all look great!! I especially like all the posing the kids did for the pictures.