Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hiking and hunting

Well its been a few weeks since my last post and I finally feel that am starting to heal up from all the injuries I've had lately. My back and hips feel really good and the last few times I've attempted running I haven't had pain in my knee. I haven't ran a lot but I'm excited to start adding more running into my workouts. The only injury that has really bothered my lately is tendentious in my elbows and the are getting better everyday so next week watch out I'm ready to get back in the game.
This last week I found myself trying to harvest the elusive rocky mountain elk with my bow. My brother Dan and I made a valiant attempt and had many close encounters with cows and one with a spike bull but I never was presented a shot at a bull which was the sex my tag was good for. I did get a lot of hiking in probably 15-20 in three days. The mornings were beautiful and the air crisp and cool and the smell of autumn was everywhere. 
Katie and I took the kids hiking this week which is always fun. The kids love being in the woods running, hiking and playing. Kalea really loves being outside even though she is only 5 months old, and the other three love finding hiking sticks and exploring the woods (under the close supervision of their parents of course). I want to see if we can plan a hike every week even if it is just a short one because being outside brings out the best in our kids.   

Matthias hiking up the trail
I love this picture Mathias looks so small compared to all the trees
Running up the trail

Mommy leading the way

about two minutes after this photo was taken, a spike elk came up the draw but I wasn't offered a shot as he stayed in the thick brush.

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