Saturday, September 1, 2012

Injuries, Thoughts and Realizations

It's 5:30 am, I just got done at the gym and had a little time to collect some thoughts before I have to get ready for work. I've had a lot go through my mind this last week and could probably write a book or two on some of the subjects that have perplexed my mind. Yet since I don't have time to write a book here are some of the events and thoughts I have suffered, endured and enjoyed this last week.

First off I am not invincible. Yes I know that may be striking news for some of you, it has been for me. This revelation has come slowly but has culminated over the past few weeks with injuries that continue to frustrate me. The first injury that many of you reading this are well aware of is the overuse injury to my right shin which has kept me from running since my last race. I have taken this injury not as much as a chink in the armor but more of a maintenance issue one that will be polished out with some time. Due to the lack of running in my life I have intensified my weight lifting workouts to keep me somewhat sane (or insane depending on how you look at it). For all accounts this was going well till this last Wednesday when I involuntarily decided to injury my lower back and dislocate both my hips while attempting to do a burnout set of squats. This left me face down on the floor for several minutes and then in bed at home for most of the day. I could barley walk, just rolling over in bed seemed like a insurmountable task, in other words I was quite pathetic (just ask my wife). The next day I was able to walk (sort of) but after spending most of the day on my feet at work not only did my back and hips hurt but my knees and lower legs as well. Since then I have been doing much better and started lifting again (very isolated chest, shoulders and arms) but the whole experience has given me much food for thought.

First, just how amazing our bodies are. God really knew what he was doing when he created our physical bodies. They are so amazing, just think of how they are put together and how balanced they are. All the muscles, bones and organs work together to create a body that can do so many amazing things. There really seems to be no limit to what our physical bodies can or will (think of when they are perfected) be able to do.

Second, the joy of motion. Our Bodies are meant to move, to run, jump, swim, climb and be in motion. An active body is a happy body, just look at children and how they play. My kids truly enjoy being physically active. They are so much happier and better tempered when the are outside running, jumping and climbing on everything I tell them not to climb on. When they sit around and watch a movie or play games on the computer the tend to get depressed, selfish, cranky, and are hard to deal with. One of my kids favorite activities is hiking/running in the woods. Often we go to a tail and hike up a mountain side, then the kids run all the way down laughing and smiling. When they hit the bottom of the trail they want to run back up and do it again. The greater the capacity our physical bodies have to preform these activities the more joy we have when engaged in them. That is why training or improving our physical abilities is so important it allows us to have more joy. Now I'm not saying we all need to be elite athletes, but how much more enjoyable is running when your not out of breath after ten feet or swimming when you exhausted after a few strokes. Our bodies are designed to move so lets move.

Not being able to partipate in some of the activities that I love due to injury has really brought these points to a new light for me. I long to be out on the trail and am so much happier when I participate in some type of physical activites everyday. Another thought that I will save for a latter post is the importance of nutrition. Untill them stay active, eat healthy and enjoy life! 

Picturtes of the kids running and playing at Dover Bay

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