Tuesday, January 10, 2012

WEEK ONE: The dreaded treadmill

12/19/11: 7 miles
       Rain and 30 degree temperatures kept me indoors running on the treadmill

12/20/11: 5 miles
       Another exciting day on the treadmill due to weather

12/21/11: 7 miles
       Finally the weather broke and able to run the Syringa trail which is just a mile from my house. ran to trail and did a 5 mile loop and then ran back to house.

12/23/11: 12miles
       Rain and cold temps are back 12 miles on the treadmill thank goodness for the ipod and music.

12/24/11: 5 miles
       Ran five miles on the road then went on a 4 mile hike on the Syringa Trail with my dad and his best friend Ken. We packed in a stove and cooking utensils and had a wonderful breakfast of eggs and bacon on a spot of trail that over look the Pend Orillie river. It snowed lightly during the whole duration of the hike which add to the splendor of the woods. It was a great outing one enjoyed very much!   

Total miles: 40 miles (with added hiking)

Week one, the weather didn't cooperate for most of the week and running on the treadmill gets boring fast. It is really hard to get motivated to spend an hour or more on a treadmill but I didn't want to venture out in the freezing rain without the proper gear and run the risk of getting sick. I need to get some gear that will allow me to run in cold rainy conditions. I love running the Syringa Trail the first 1.25 miles are slightly up hill then the trail crests a hill and the "back side" is a series of different trails that loop into one another making hundreds of possibilities for different routs, and distance.

Cooking breakfast on the trail (Ken and Dad, left to right)

Section of trail at Syringa

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  1. Nice of you to post some photos of the old men! They think they are trail runners now that they go with you. They only run the last 200 yards, but that's enough to put them up to "elite" status.