Wednesday, January 11, 2012


1-2-12: 8 miles
       Due to the fact that I had to work early today and that I haven't gotten a headlamp yet (one is on the way) so I can run in the early morning darkness, I was reduced to running on the treadmill.

1-3-12: 5 miles
       Syringa trail. Quick five mile run sunny morning great winter conditions.

1-3-12: 8 miles
       First time up the Mickinnick trail this winter. First mile and a half no snow and wet conditions with a few streams crossing the trail. The next two miles snow got increasingly deeper about two feet of snow at the top but the trail was fairly hard-packed. I mixed running with speed hiking when the snow got deep and the trail steep. I finally got the headlamp I ordered so I started in the dark at 6:45am. The headlamp worked awesome couldn't be happier (its a Petzl Tikka XP2). I took some great pictures of the sunrise, it was a beautiful clear morning with no wind couldn't have asked for better weather for January in north Idaho. The way back down was a blast as I cruised down the trail through the snow. I did fall once on the way down on a patch of ice landing with a good "thud" but I was fine and quickly got back up and finished the descent. Once back at the trail head I ran a additional mile on the road to get my 8 miles for the day since Mickinnick is only 7 miles to the top and back. 
1-5-12: 16 miles
       Started from the house in the dark at 6am took a 4 mile road rout to the Syringa trail then ran 10.3 miles on the trail. I finished up by running to Travers park doing a loop around the park then back home (1.8 miles). I kept a really steady pace for the entire run even taking it easy on the descents. I felt really strong on the ascents and really enjoyed the run and felt like I could have done it again when I finished.   

1-6-12: 6 miles
       It was 11pm before I got an opportunity to run so I went down to the gym and busted out 6 miles on the treadmill.

Total miles: 43

Had a good week running I really enjoyed running at Mickinnick a trail which I ran a lot over the summer. It ascends 2100' over 3.5 miles. It has some really steep parts which almost force you to hike, though during the summer I was to proud and stubborn to hike while running it, but with the addition of snow I'm being humbled which is great because I need to work on hiking for all the elevation I will face at Pocatello. The Mickinnick trail offers some of the best views of Sanpoint and lake Pend Oreille as it winds up the side of the mountain. The trail is just 2.75 miles from my house so it is a perfect way to get some vertical feet in. My long run went very well and I am pleased with my conditioning so far though I'm not blazing fast, slow and steady is what I need for a 50 miler.
Lookout a little over a mile up the Mickinnick trail

Sunrise coming up over Lake Pend Oreille

Mickinnick Trail about 2.5 miles up

Mickinnick Trail 3 miles up

Me at the top of the Mickinnick Trail

Looking down at Sandpoint and Lake Pend Oreille from top of Mickinnick Trail

More from the top of Mickinnick

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  1. Proud of you son! You have always had the ability to work hard to achieve your goal. I can remember the day that you had a hard time running between the bases in a baseball game. Not that you couldn't, but your form was all messed up. I know that "FAST" helped improve your form, but "you" are the one who really made the improvements! Your a great guy and I admire you. Your a great role model for everyone who knows you.