Tuesday, January 10, 2012

WEEK TWO: some snow and the rain

 12/26/11: 7 miles
          Syringa trail, about two inches on fresh snow but traction on trail good.

12/27/11: 5 miles
          Raining this morning and 28 degrees still don't have the gear for those conditions forced to run on the treadmill.

12/28/11: 7 miles
         Syringa trial. The snow is all gone do to the rain and the trail is a little icy on certain sections but not to bad.

12/30/11: 14 miles
         Rain again with cold temps put me back on the treadmill, two hrs on the treadmill was way boring but made through it listing to audio books.

12/31/1: 6 miles
         Syringa Trail. Ran into Friend and local ultra runner Vern Eastley on the trail. We ran together for about 4 miles which was a lot of fun as we talked about running and life.

Total miles: 39 miles
The snow was fun to run in and it offers beautiful scenery epically in the early morning. The rain is getting on my nerves I really need to get a waterproof and windproof running jacket. Ultra training is mostly a solo endeavor since it is hard to find anyone crazy enough to want to run these types of distance. If you do its hard to juggle schedules to go on runs together, but I must say I do enjoy running with others you really get to know someone as you spend a couple of hrs running and talking together.  

View of the Pend Oreille River from the Syringa Trail

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