Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 12: Half way

3/6/12: 6 miles
      Cold, wet and windy outside today and since I am on the tail end of being sick I decided to play it safe and run indoors. I could tell I wasn't 100% recovered from the cold I had this last weekend but it felt good to be running again. Ended up running 6 miles in 48 minutes.

3/7/12: 8.5 miles
       Busted out my new shoes for the first time on the Syringa trail today and after 8.5 miles I still like them. I do think they will be much better summer shoe than a winter shoe. The Shoes I got are Asics's "Fuji Racer" they weigh only 9 oz and are purple, gold and black (the only color they come in). They are extremely breathable which is why they are going to make a better summer over winter shoe. The shoes also have a drainage system in the bottom of the shoe which I think will be great for stream crossings but not so sure how they will do in mud (letting water in through the bottom of the shoe that would not have gotten there otherwise). The trail was very ice for the first 1.25 miles and I didn't take the Microspikes (Dumb move which resulted in one big butt plant on the ice, yes I have a big butt ) but the backside had a lot of open ground which made the decision to not bring the spikes not as dumb, because I got to run on dirt Yeah!!! You can tell spring is just around the corner and hopefully in the next couple of weeks all of the snow will be gone on the trail. During the icy spots on the trail I went off trail dodging trees and other obstacles, which was a lot of fun. On the uphill sections the new shoes shined they are so light that my feet felt weightless (probably helped that I didn't have a pound of spikes on my feet either) which made going up much easier and faster. Overall it was a great run enjoyed running on dirt! and so far so good on the new shoes though my calves are a little sore; due to the new shoes having nearly half as much heel to toe drop than my normal shoes (6mm compared to 11mm).

3/8/12: 8 miles
     Needed to get in a quick morning run so I just ran at the gym. Ran 8 miles on the treadmill, took just under 1:07 to finish.

3/9/12: 5.25 miles
      Met up with Vern to run Syringa. Wore the spikes for the first 1.25 miles then took them off as we crested the top and started on the backside. Even less snow and ice today then Wednesday (3/7). Beautiful day with Temps in the upper 40's. Actually ran in shorts (no tights) and a t-shirt, it was great! Though I will say for the first 1.25 miles it felt kind of weird running in just a t-shirt and shorts and still having to wear Microspikes to deal with snow and ice. Fun run, looking forward to more good weather.

3/10/12: 10 miles
        Ran from my house to the Mickinnick trail head where I met up with Vern. Started out running up the trail but slowed to a hike as we encountered deep and soft snow. Post holing happened ever couple of steps and sometimes every step As we continued higher and higher up the mountain, the snow got deeper and deeper and at one time I post holed up to my chest in the snow (yes the snow was that deep) which forced me to belly craw out of the hole I had created. So needless to say the going was slow. Despite having to hike most of the trail, it was great just to be up in the mountains with the sun shining. It took 1:44 to get to the top which was a new record; it was our slowest ascent so far. Coming down wasn't a ton better as far as post holing went until we got about 2 miles down the hill. We were then able to pick up the pace and get in some running. The weather was great the whole trip the sun was out and the wind wasn't that bad which made for a very enjoyable outing.

Total miles: 37.75

Good week, still not 100% after being sick last weekend and the beginning of this week so I cut off 24% of my planned mileage for the week just so I wouldn't overdo it and remain sick (or get worse). The weather was great towards the end of the week which was much appreciated. The forecast for next week looks like a lot of rain so we'll see how that goes.


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