Monday, March 19, 2012

WEEK 13: Sore legs

Well this week I had planned to put in about 60 miles and just have a great week of running, things didn't go as planned. I started off good running 13 mile on Monday (3/12) but it was on the treadmill because it was poring rain outside.  Then latter that day I lifted upper body at the high School were I have been helping out with the high school football team the past two weeks. Tuesday I decided that I would lift lower body with the high schoolers and that was a big mistake as far as running goes. I ended up low squatting 300 lbs eight times (after 3 other sets leading up to that weight). Combine that with RDLs, St leg dead lift, lunges and mountain climbers (5 sets x 8 reps each exercise), I totally trashed my legs to the point were I had problems just walking for the next four days. Needless to say I didn't do much running the rest of the week. I did squeeze two miles in on Saturday but that was it. Probably not the best training protocol for running ultra-marathons, but it did feel good to have sore legs for a few days. I did lift upper body on Thursday and Saturday so it wasn't like I was just sitting around doing nothing the rest of the week. Hopefully next week I'll be able to run again and get back on track.

On a side note Vern ran the Chuckanut 50k by Bellingham, WA this weekend and had an awesome experience. He said it was a gorgeous trail that really challenged him but he ran hard despite conditions of rain and snow. He was also able to met some of the sports elite runners like Scott Jurek, Geoff Roes, Dave Mackey and Bryon Powell. In Vern's words "the whole day Rocked!"

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