Tuesday, April 17, 2012

week 16: The Easter Bunny and a hair raising experience

Week 16: 04/01 - 04/7/12 

Tuesday: 12 miles. I ran form the house to Syringa, then ran a couple loops there and then ran back home.

Wednesday: 6 miles at syringa.

Friday: My long run. It was really cold all morning and my legs never really seemed to warm-up so my pace was pretty slow but I ended up running 20 miles. I started from my house and ran to Mickinnick. I then ran up to the 1.5 mile mark before heading back back down (I didn't want to run in the snow which exist above that point). When I got back to the trail head I then ran over to Syringa and ran 8.5 miles out there before heading home. While I was out at Syringa I found a dead moose calf on the trail with its front shoulder eaten as well as the heart, lungs and liver. Upon further inspection I concluded that a mountain lion must of killed it the evening before based on its broken neck and the fact that I could not find any tracks from a predator with the exception of two cat tracks near the belly side of the moose where it must of eaten from. Then the realization of how fresh the kill was and that the cat was probably close by had me quickly and alertly vacating the area. It was a good reminder of how wild and un-tame the mountains really are. During the run I never really got tired, probably because I wasn't moving all that fast. After the run I felt like a had just done a five mile jog not 20 miles.

Saturday: Ran 2 miles at the gym and then lifted shoulders and back.

Total miles: 40

It was a good week but I cant remember everything that happened since I'm writing this a little over a week late. The sun has been coming out more often and the temps are slowly getting warmer, spring is on its way. There is very little snow on syringa now but the top half of Mickinnick still has several feet. I was encouraged by how well I felt after my long run, it really didn't take much out of me.

Syringa Trail

Spring Flowers (click on the picture for a closer look)

Early morning at Syringa

The Easter Bunny, I told the kids that I saw the Easter bunny while running and showed them this picture I took of it. Kaiya was so blown away that the Easter bunny is real that she said, "I didn't think the Easter bunny was real, I thought that everyone was just teasing me about the Easter bunny, But he is real, he really is"!  

Last week when I took the kids hiking Matthias kept on asking what was making holes in some of the trees along the trail. I told him that they were made by a woodpecker, he really wanted to see one but we never did so I took a picture of this one for him while running at syringa.

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