Friday, April 20, 2012

Week 17: Heat and back to backs

04/9/12 - 04/14/12

Tuesday: 13.2 miles
           Well today was the warmest day of the year so far, a wopping 69 degrees. I ran during the mid day "heat" which was about 30-40 degrees warmer than I'm use to running in. I ran from my house to Syringa did a couple loops there then headed back home. Lets just say by the end of the run I was totally wasted. I felt like crap and had some serious doubts about if I could go almost five times that distance during my up coming race.

Wednesday: 6 miles
            It has cooled down a bit and I felt much better running today than yesterday. I really think the warmer weather caught my body off guard yesterday so I'm now hopping for even more warmer weather soon to give my body time to adjust before my race. As far as running today I ran at Syringa. The trail there is just so nice right now. Its firm with no snow, it hard not to run there every time I go out.

Friday: 23 miles
           Today I started running at 5:15am. I ran from the house to Mickinnick, on the way I ran into three moose who have taken a seasonal residence on and around division street. Good thing for me they are so use to people because I ended up standing right between the cow and her two calves (I was ten feet from mom and 20 feet or so from the calves). Really they are more like very large dogs now after spending all winter in town, its a miracle none of them have been hit by a car with how much time they spend roaming the streets of Sandpoint. It started getting light about the time I hit the trail-head. I got to the 1.5 mile mark just about the time the sun crested the Cabinet mountain range which made the view of the valley breath taking. I stopped breifly to take it all in and snap some photos. I continued up the mountain from there and hit snow just below the 2 mile mark. I decide to climb through the snow which was hard-packed for the most part up to the 3 mile mark. The snow is still several feet deep.If I had to guess there is at least five feet deep up on top. Coming down was fun as I could slide around the corners until I got back to dirt trail. Once at the bottom I ran back to the house for some supplies that I had left outside. After refueling at the house I ran over to Syringa where I met up with Vern who joined me at the trail-head. It was nice to have a pair of fresh legs to help pace me for my last 11 miles. I ran really well at Syringa and felt pretty strong the whole time out, a vast improvement over Tuesday. After racking up 9.5 mile at Syringa I ran home for a total of 23 miles. I felt good after my run and defiantly had more in the tank, lots more.

Saturday: 18 miles
          Ran from the house over to Syringa and didn't feel a bit sore from the 23 miler the previous day. Infact I probably ran better today then yesterday I actually felt stronger on the uphills and quicker on the down hills. I ran 14 miles before I ran out of time (Had to get home, I got a late start), so after work I stopped by the gym and ran 4 miles on the treadmill to get all 18 miles in. Feeling great!  

Weekly hiking: 5 mile
          On both Monday and Thursday the "Hull" family went hiking including Kalea. Monday we hiked Mickinnick up to the one mile mark and back down. It took a while with the kids, I had Ty in the back carrier and at one point Ty was in the carrier and Thias on my shoulders (I'll up date with a photo of that latter its on Katie's phone). On Thursday we went to Syringa and hiked a little over 3 miles. They kids had a blast on both outings and didn't want to stop hiking either time. They did a great job and love being outdoors.

Total Miles: 65.2

Great week! with more miles then I have ever done in one week. Legs are feeling great and I feel really good about my race after this week's back to back long runs. The "heat" on Tuesday caught my body off guard but it will adjust as the temps continue to climb.
1.5 miles up the Mickinnick Trail

Mickinnick Trail

Still lots of Snow up top 


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