Monday, July 9, 2012

Strong Creek

The Mountains are finally opening up and "I am so excited that I just can't hide it"!

For my first adventure in the highlands (well high for north Idaho) I went up the Strong Creek Trail then scrambled to the top of Round Top Peak. This was an amazing run, the trail is an old mining road that has been closed to vehicles over a 50" wheel base. The Trail itself isn't very technical but it does climb about 3500' in 7 miles then its another 1/4 mile and 200' scramble to the top of Round Top Peak. The trail starts in a Ceder forest and crosses several creeks. About half way up you start to have views of lake Pend Oreille as the trees change from Ceders to high alpine shrub trees. Around the 6.5 mile mark I hit some patches of snow and lots of water running down the trail from the snow melt. The Strong Creek trail ends into the Bee Top, Round Top #120 trail which I took the northern route till I couldn't find the trail any more (it was under snow) then I scrambled to the Top of Round Top Peak elevation 6165'. The views from there were phenomenal with 360 degree views of Lake Pend Oreille, The Cabinet mountain range and the Selkirk mountain range. On the top of the Peak there were the remains and footings of an old lookout tower. I spent probably 20 min just soaking in all the views. After a quick meal (a pro bar) I set back down the trail. On the way down I ran in to a couple of mule deer one of which would not get off the trail and I almost ran it over before it finally eased over the bank. It was a great run and one I look forward to doing again, there are so many place to explore up there its going to be great!

Strong Creek

Lake Pend Oreille

Strong Creek Trail #444 

Looking Northwest towards Chimney Rock 

Top of the Strong Creek Trail #444

Scotchman's Peak 

Standing on one of the footings of the old lookout tower on Round Top Peak

Lake Pend Oreille from Rond Top Peak elevation 6165'

Cabinet mountain range

A Mule Deer that didn'y want to leave the trail 

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